Our quality policy

Our quality policy is to ensure customer satisfaction by offering quality products on time and at competitive prices with an effective and constantly developing customer-oriented management philosophy in accordance with applicable laws and standards. It is essential that all our employees, from the top management to the lowest level, adopt the Total Quality Philosophy based on customer requests.

In this direction, it is our main duty to provide the necessary training of all our personnel and to spread the quality awareness with all our employees. In this context, UBM PLASTIC has adopted the principle of constantly improving itself, closely following the developments in its field, and immediately incorporating all kinds of innovations that it believes will improve its quality in order to ensure customer satisfaction and continuously improve the quality level.

As UBM PLASTIC, we undertake to act with a principled and responsible understanding by fulfilling and improving the conditions of our quality management system and to mobilize all our resources, especially the senior management, in this direction.