LISYA 100 - 80 CM

LISYA 100 - 80 CM
LISYA 100 - 80 CM
LISYA 100 - 80 CM
LISYA 100 - 80 CM
LISYA 100 - 80 CM
Product Name:LISYA 100 - 80 CM
Model Code:LS100-T / LS080-T

It is designed for those who want to see classical textures in the bathroom ...

LİSYA is designed for those who want functionality and classic look together with four different coating options, all softclose-featured cabinet and drawer doors. Acrylic glossy varnish applied surface has an eye-catching shine.



MDF lam body and cover

Drawers with brake

Soft-close cover

Touch led mirror

Cabinet compatible sink


MAIN COLOR OPTIONS: Retro Silver, Black, Anthracite, Ud

You can view the color chart in our catalogue.


**Product photos have been prepared in 3D as a representation, and there may be tonal differences in product colors depending on the scene light.

Product Code Product Name Product Sizes
LS100-A Lisya 100 Main Module 1000x465x470
LS100-U Lisya 100 Top Module 1000x150x670
LS100-T Lisya 100 Set -
LS080-A Lisya 80 Main Module 800x465x500
LS080-U Lisya 80 Top Module 800x150x670
LS080-T Lisya 80 Set -